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What is UpMyRank? Top
UpMyRank is a traffic exchange service for Alexa toolbar users.  The purpose of the exchange is to dramatically increase our members Alexa rankings.

What is Alexa? Top
Alexa is an internet information company that ranks websites based on their popularity.  Many webmasters desire a higher ranking, which is proven to increase sales, and attract investors and advertisers.  For more information please visit Alexa.com

Is the Autosurf Software safe? Top
Yes.  UpMyRank has been online for close to 3 years.  We are listed in every major search engine and have over 10,000 active members!  Do a search online and you will not find one single complaint about our software or business practices.  Additionally we are certified by McAfee, a leading AV company.

Do I have to have the toolbar installed to participate?  Top
Yes.  If you do not have the toolbar installed you will not be able to earn credits, view websites, or use our software.  After installing, should you uninstall the toolbar at anytime, you will no longer be able to use our service.  The Alexa Toolbar was created and is distributed by Amazon.com a very well known and trusted public company.

What is a credit?  Top
A credit is a reward you are given for viewing 3 websites with the use of our software.  Each credit is worth 1 Alexa toolbar visitor.  Members receive 1 credit for every 3 websites that load on their computer.  Members can also earn credits by referring new members to our free service. 

How many credits can I earn?  Top
Unlimited amounts.  If you were to leave our software running 24 hours per day on your computer, you would earn 960 credits just for leaving it running.  In addition you can earn 1000 credits per referral and 5% of every credit they earn for the life of their participation.  We have top members who earn over 10,000 credits every day!

Can I buy credits? Top
Yes.  We charge our members a total of $3.00 per 1,000 credits.  Credits can be purchased automatically via Paypal inside your account admin.  Discounts are available for 100,000 or more credits.  Please contact us for more info.

Can I promote more than one URL? Top
Yes.  Our system allows you to divide your credits over a total of up to 5 URLs.

How do I get visitors? Top
When you log into your account, you will see how many credits you have.  To turn these credits into visitors, you simply need to enter in the amount of visitors you would like and click "Spend Credits".  The system will deduct the credits from your account and begin to deliver Alexa toolbar visitors to your website. 

Why do you use software? Top
We use software to eliminate fraud and to make it easier for our members to earn credits.  Our software controls the frequency of visits, to insure those who visit your website are counted by Alexa.  It also opens and closes websites so that any user can leave the software running 24 hours a day without bogging down their computer.

Does your software contain spyware or adware? Top
No.  We are trying to encourage new users to join not discourage them.  In fact we encourage our members to scan their computers with any spyware detection program, before and after installation of our software.  You will not find anything here!  Our software works only when you start it, and stops when you stop it.  Uninstalling our software is easy and very clean.

How many times is my website seen by the same member? Top
Your website can be seen up to 5 times by the same member in a 24 hour period.  Uniqueness is not important when raising your Alexa ranking, it is frequency, but well executed frequency that is the key.  Visitors are timed precisely to maximize your ranking gains.  

Is this legal? Top
Yes.  There is no law prohibiting us from exchanging traffic with other Alexa members.  We are not trying to inflate numbers by trying to trick the Alexa system, we are simply trading real visitors with other Alexa toolbar users.

Will the visitors to my website always have the Alexa toolbar installed? Top
Yes.  Our system checks for the toolbar each and everytime is opens a new browser window.  If the toolbar is not present, the software and website redirection will not work. 

How do you stop fraud? Top
Any member who attempts to access any tracking URL outside of using our software will have their account terminated without question.  Our software generates unique algorithms that are passed on to our server everytime a website is viewed.  Each algorithm set is unique to the user and the same algorithms is never generated twice within the same 30 day period.  If our system detects a duplicate algorithm or invalid algorithm, the members account is automatically paused and flagged for review.  Our systems have been fully tested and we have never received a duplicate or invalid algorithm unless cheating was involved.  In the event a member does attempt to cheat the system their attempt is recognized on the first attempt and since our system must recognize the algorithm coming in, no members credits are ever lost to fraudulent visitors. We have many other secret methods in place to determine fraud, but in order to protect our systems we can not discuss them with the general public.

What is UpMyRank.com's Alexa Ranking? Top
On our opening day, we pushed our users through our server to show them just how fast their Alexa rankings could rise.  You can see this directly from Alexa.com themselves, just click here.  After this time, we have since directed our users through different channels and hence our rank has gone down since then.  We keep our rank below optimum simply because we are designed to raise our members Alexa rankings and with a high rank, Alexa might try to find a way to block our website, if you have their toolbar installed.  Our members are at no risk, and we have over 200 active members that are in the top 10,000 sites according to Alexa.