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How It Works!

Once you have downloaded and installed the Alexa toolbar on your machine, then you will need to sign up for a free account and download the AutoSurf software. 

Click here to see a screenshot of our software.

Simply enter in your username and password and click the start button.  The software will deliver other members websites to you in 30 second windows.  These windows are automatically opened and closed by our software.  You can chose to have the windows open to show the window, minimize the window or hide the window completely. 

For every 3 windows that open and close on your computer, your account will be credited with 1 visitor credit.  Our AutoSurf software allows you to walk away from your computer (you must remain online) and collect credits for as long as you leave the software running. 

Inside your admin area you will see the credits you have earned for the day and total.  These credits will continue to accumulate until you spend them.  For every credit you spend, we will deliver 1 Alexa toolbar user to your website.

You will earn 1000 credits for each referral and 5% of credits earned by each referral will be deposited in your account for life. 

The service is simple to use, and easy to understand.  So get started now and you can drive 1000 visitors to your site each and everyday for free!

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Better Than The Rest!

Our system is better than any other service on the market today!  In fact our service is so unique it is covered by 2 US Patents and US and International Copyright laws. 

100% Accurate.  Visitors Never Blocked.
Did you know that most traffic exchange companies charge your account for a visitor even when the visitor never made it to your website?  Pop up blockers can stop others from every making it to your site.  UpMyRank however uses our technology to insure that your site is always fully loaded and never blocked.  There is not a pop up blocker on the market that could stop our software from working.  In addition the window must remain open for greater than 20 seconds in order for the visit to count.  So if you spend 100 credits with us, you will get 100 visitors from us. 

Full Alexa Credit.
Alexa gives credit only to the URL listed in the visitors address bar.  Since your website address is fully loaded and displayed in the windows address bar you get recognition for the visitor.   Beware of traffic exchanges that use frames to deliver ads.  On the website in the address bar get credit from Alexa.

In addition all members must have the Alexa bar installed to earn credits.  It is that simple. 

No Time Outs.
Our software has been known to keep running for over 3 months straight without any service interruptions.  Leave it on, minimize it to the system tray and go about your business.





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