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Referral Center

In order for the referral links to work, you must place the link on the exact webpage you registered with on your account.  If you registered the site www.mywebsite.com/test.html you must place the referral code on that page or you will get an error.  We do NOT allow emailing or newsgroup posting of the referral link, doing so will only cause an error. 

1000 Credits per Referral.
Once you sign up for an account, you will be given a referral link which you can use to refer members to our website.  Each member you refer will earn you 1000 credits.  These credits will be awarded to your account once your referral account has reached 1000 credits.  Additionally you will receive 5% of your referrals earned credits for the life of their membership. 

5% Lifetime Bonus.
Your account will be credited 5% of the credits spent by your referrals for the lifetime of their membership.  If your referral spends 1000 credits per day, 50 credits will be added to your account automatically.  If your referral earns 100,000 credits you will not get the 5% bonus until those credits are spent.  

Unlimited Downline.
Since your referral will receive 5% of the credits from their referrals, and there referrals will receive 5% credits from their referrals.... you get the idea.  You will receive credits from hundreds of levels deep which can mean big rewards for you. 

Premier Status.
A member will receive Premier Status once the member has established a 1st level downline of 25 referrals or more.  With Premier Status, members will enjoy the following benefits. 

  • 2:1 ratio on their traffic
  • Ability to auction off credits for $$$
  • Eligible for monthly cash and prize giveaways.

     (1)  $250.00 Cash Giveaway
     (4)  $25.00 Gift Certificates to GiftCertificates.com
     (8)  50,000 Credit Giveaways

Authentication Agreement.
All incoming referrals must be referred from your website you have registered with us.  We will not accept referrals that come from email, newsgroups or other websites than your own.  This system was implemented to cut down on spam and other types of unacceptable advertising methods. 

Any member who uses spam or newsgroup posting spam to draw referrals will not get credit for any referrals and will have their account terminated and URL blacklisted from our system.





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