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Alexa Toolbar won't install

Can't Install The Alexa Toolbar

If you are like many you are trying to install the Alexa toolbar on your machine but all you get is a blank box showing in your browser. The fact of the matter is, is if you have ever immunized your system with one of many popular spyware removers, then the fact is that you are probably being blocked from installing the Alexa Toolbar.

We have a simple fix for this which will allow you to install the Alexa Toolbar with success. This method is only for windows users and it is very important that you follow the directions closely.

Go to your start menu, and select "run"

In the "run" box, type in the word regedit.

This will open the Registry Editor on your computer.

To install the Alexa Toolbar, you must find what is stopping it from installing.

In the registry editor, select Edit from the top menu.

Select Find from the drop down menu and then copy and paste this value


This is the value of the Alexa toolbar.

Hit the Find Button. The search will stop each time this value is found in your registry. When the search stops, hit delete and confirm. After the value is deleted, hit F3 on your keyboard to search for more instances. Repeat the process of deleting and looking for more instances until the Registry Editor says "Finished Searching Registry"

It is important that you do not delete anything other than stated here in your registry. Your registry is like your own nervous systems and allot of bad things can happen if the wrong things are removed.

Close the registry editor and all Internet Explorer windows and install the Alexa Toolbar. Everything should work perfectly.