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Sign Up Today. Webmasters, raise your Alexa Ranking and start enjoying free traffic instantly!  We will send up to 50,000 visitors to your website everyday, just for participating in the UpMyRank TrafficExchange Program.

Simply join and start viewing other members websites with our AutoSurf system.  You will earn a credit for every ad set you see.  Best of all you can leave the AutoSurf program on all night and all day and earn credits while you sleep!  In addition to free traffic, each member is required to have the Alexa Toolbar installed on their computer.  This way each website you view and each time your website is viewed each sites Alexa ranking will get a little better.  The more you surf, the more credits you earn.  The more credits you earn, the higher you Alexa ranking will become.

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UpMyRank is a traffic exchange service for webmasters who are looking to exchange Alexa toolbar traffic with other webmasters.  Our service is one of a kind and anyone can begin using it in minutes.  Best of all you can drive over 50,000 Alexa toolbar visitors to your website everyday for free!

Watch your website traffic and your Alexa ranking soar to the top with our patented UpMyRank technology!  Within minutes you could be on your way to a higher Alexa ranking, and best of all it is 100% free.  Basic members can earn an unlimited free visitors per day and unlimited visitors by simply referring people to our free service.  Don't be fooled by software that claims to send fake hits to your website to increase your ranking.  You can only raise your rank by driving real Alexa Toolbar Users to your site.  

Win Cash & Prizes!
Be on top and get cash!  That's right, not only do you increase your Alexa ranking and drive free traffic to your site, but you can also win cash and prizes!  Our top members will be awarded with a $25 gift certificates, and the next 9 top surfers will each get $10.00 in cash via Paypal or Payza!

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Why do I want to increase my Alexa ranking?
If you are selling on the internet or thinking of selling your site or domain, think of your Alexa ranking as a symbol of your trust and professionalism.  A higher rank simply means you are getting more traffic to your site, than your competitors.  In your customers eyes a higher rank can make the difference between you or your competitor getting the sale. 

In addition to this, stronger Alexa ranks have been connected with increases seo positions on search engines. 

Why is it free?
Simply put, for every website you see, your website will be shown to 1 member.  Since each member must have the Alexa toolbar installed on their computer to participate, everytime your website is seen your rank will move up. 

Earn More With Referrals!
You will earn 1000 credits for each new referral you bring into our network.  Once your referral has earned at minimum of 1000 credits your account will be credited with the referral bonus.  Remember each member has the ability to accumulate unlimited credits each day.  Best of all you will get 5% bonus on all credits your referrals earn for the life of their membership. 
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  1. You must have the Alexa toolbar installed to participate.  
    You may download the Alexa toolbar here if you do not have Alexa installed already.

  2. Sign up for a free UpMyRank Account (requires Alexa Toolbar)

  3. Download the free UpMyRank Autosurf Software

  4. Enter your username and password and press start.

  5. The software will start delivering other members websites to your desktop one every 30 seconds.  The software will launch and close a new ad every 30 seconds.  This is just long enough for the visitor to be counted by Alexa.

For every ad set you see, your account will be credited with 1 visitor credit.  This credit will be stored in an account here at UpMyRank.  In order to use your credits, simply log into your account and select the amount of credits you would like to use.  Your website will be shown to Alexa toolbar users until all credits have been used.

Earn unlimited credits every day!  If you were to leave our automated UpMyRank Autosurf software running on your computer 24 hours a day, you would earn enough credits to deliver thousands of Alexa toolbar users to your site everyday!  It is easy to use, and best of all there is no code to add to your website and you don't need traffic to start!


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Top 10 Ways To Increase Your Alexa Ranking

Can't Install The Alexa Toolbar?  Our step by step process can help get past some common problems.






Do you use software?
We believe that software allows us to better control our network and helps stop people from trying to fraud the system.  Additionally the software controls the websites you see.  The software can open and close the websites which helps to keep your computer from being overloaded with browser windows and allows us to keep the Autosurf running indefinitely without causing any problems.  Browser based systems tend to crash when the computers screen saver is activated which kicks you out of the system.  

Additionally when you start the software you have the option to keep the websites visible or hide the websites.  If you chose to hide the websites, they will be moved off the desktop but will still be fully loaded in a browser window.  If you chose to view the websites, the websites will be visible behind all other applications.  This type of traffic is not being offered as a sales tool, but as a method in which to boost your Alexa ranking.  Whether a website is visible or hidden every website will be counted and tracked by Alexa.

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